Mark Squirrell

Speaker, Author and Extreme Performance Guru

Dynamic Keynote Presentations & Interactive Performance Activities

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Interactive Performance Activites:

Extreme Performance Seminars – Take the keynote presentation one step further and be blown away by an interactive, global experience that unfolds during the course of the seminar. Participants will be thrown into the deep end and will need to conquer a series of adversity challenges that underpin the key learning points of the seminar. The element of surprise is critical and is what makes this event truely powerful (so no more details at this point). Please contact Squiz for further information.

Conference Enhancers – Large gatherings of 50+ will be blown away by Squiz’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that have participants pitted against each other to do some good for the community.  The activity can be combined with your organisations CSR projects or be a stand alone activity to augment your gathering.  The activity can vary in length of time from 1 hour to a full day.

Extreme Team Strengthening – Squiz can build and strengthen your work units of up to 25 people with a tailored and unique life changing experience. The activities are based around extreme experiences on the frontline and so are not your run of the mill (traditional) “teambuilding” type exercises. The focus can be on developing Responsible Leadership, Effective Communication, Succeeding amongst Adversity or Inspiring Motivation.